Produced in Pergola, Italy since 1964, the product range includes Metal Cutting Bandsaws, Metal Cutting Coldsaws and aluminium Cutting Saws

There are a few reasons why it might be time to upgrade to a new Sawing machine.

  • Improved reliability
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved safety
  • Improved repeatability

Or perhaps it is because as much as you love your old MEP saw, 25 years of faithful service has finally taken its toll.

Power Machinery has partnered with MEP in the Australian market for over 25 years., we have factory trained engineers ready for service and a full complement of spare parts available for even some of the pre-2000s machines. They are our most active and dynamic supplier.

MEP is continuously looking to evolve and innovate and never resting on their laurels. The recent acquisition of the American Saw manufacturer added another string to their bow and gave the group new capacity in the over 300mm market.

The range of MEP saws is comprehensive covering everything from 200mm manually operated saws to massive fully automatic hitch feed saws 1000mm capacity.

Any fabricator that has used a MEP Shark Saw, whether it is a manual CCS version, a Semi-Automatic SXI or Automatic AX or NC Evo is unlikely ever to be satisfied with any other brand. The unique combination of traditional cast-iron structures and the latest technology makes MEP saws the market leaders.

To assist in finding the most suitable bandsaw for your application, consider the first two numbers in the model represent the width capacity of the saw and the final number represents how many ways it mitres. For example Shark 332 is 33cm width capacity and mitres two ways (left and right). Shark 281 is 280cm wide capacity and mitres one way only. Shark 230 mitres zero ways. Straight cutting only.

Happy sawing.