MEP Thor – Semi Automatic Bandsaw

MEP Thor – Semi Automatic Bandsaw

MEP Thors are powerful double-column straight cutting Semi-Automatic hydraulic metal cutting bandsaws utilising latest generation hydraulics.

Designed to suit both bi-metal and carbide blades the cutting head is mounted on two columns utilising precision linear bearings. The automatic hydro mechanical down feed regulator ensures the feed rate is consistent regardless of the material cut. Included is a high-speed approach device delivering the saw head close to the material before assuming correct feed rate.

The graded cast iron blade wheels with the drive wheel specifically designed to drive via a worm reduction gearbox. Blade tension is hydraulic with automatic release when the machine is not in operation to extend blade life.

Thors include powered wire brush for cleaning blade and powered chip auger to swarf from chip tray.

The blade guide is fixed to the moving vice to adjust to the dimension of the cut material and the split vice clamps both sides of the blade, ensuring a burr-free cut and his useful when cutting short pieces.

Utilising an electronic frequency drive the blade speed is infinitely variable and automatically stops if blade breaks.

Thor 450 to Thor 1020 (5 models)
Blade 6600 x 41mm to 11000 x 67mm
Motor Power 7.5kW to 15kW
Capacity 450 x 450mm to 1020 x 1020mm
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    • Date February 15, 2020
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