MEP Tiger 372SX Evo Semi Automatic Coldsaw

Made in Italy, the MEP Tiger 372SX Evo is a semi-automatic metal cutting cold saw. The saw can cut from 60° right to 45° left. The cutting head moves vertically on two enclosed linear bearings.

The operator programmes top and bottom position and presses the start button. The vice closes, cut commences with pneumatic feed, after the cut the blade stops, vice opens, and head returns to the programmed top position.

The centralised control panel provides information required by the operator, including alarms, diagnostics, pieces cut and cutting time.

  • The blade speed is electronically infinitely variable 15 – 150 RPM.
  • The rotating table ensures the blade always aligns with slot and provides a stable working area even when cutting small parts.
  • The vice has an anti-burr device with double clamping of the piece.
  • The steel base is standard equipment with slide-out chip tray and coolant pump.
  • Adjustable length stop scaled in mm.
  • Included are service keys and instructions manual for maintenance.
Blade 350mm dia.
Motor Power 2.5kW
Vice Opening 190mm
Round Capacity 115mm
Rect. Capacity 180 x 95mm
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    • Date February 8, 2020
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