MEP Shark 420 NC 5.0 Automatic Bandsaw

MEP Shark 420 NC 5.0 Automatic Bandsaw

Manufactured in Italy, the Shark 420 NC HS 5.0 is a double column automatic metal cutting hydraulic bandsaw. A “Full In Box” design with cast iron bow and band wheels. The protective guards comply with the latest safety standards.

This model is extremely robust and capable of continuous cutting at full capacity. It can also automatically feed material until there is only a 120mm remnant remaining or optionally down to 25mm.

Operation is by a 200mm touch screen control. It is simple to use and program with specially designed MEP 40 Control. The CNC manages all cutting parameters and functions in real-time.

Bar feed is by ballscrew and stepper motor. You can program different lengths and batch numbers on one length of material. Band speed is infinitely variable electronically from 15 to 115m/min.

This model has many innovative features, download a brochure for the full explanation.

Blade 6100 x 41 x 1.3mm
Motor Power 7.5kW
Vice Opening 430mm
Round Capacity 420mm
Rect. Capacity 420 x 420mm
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    • Date February 16, 2020
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