MEP Shark 512 SXI Evo Semi Automatic Bandsaw

Manufactured in Italy, the MEP Shark 512 SXI Evo is a Semi-Automatic hydraulic metal cutting bandsaw built in a cast iron construction to cut from 60° right to 60° left with two modes of operation. Semi-Automatic and Cycle Down Up.

Semi-Automatic mode, the operator programmes top and bottom position and presses the start button. The vice closes, cut commences hydraulically, after the cut the blade stops, vice opens, and bow returns to the programmed top of stroke position.

In Cycle Down up, the saw stops at the bottom of stroke without releasing material until you press unclamp.

As well as programming top and bottom of the stroke, the centralised control panel provides all information required by the operator, including alarms, diagnostics, pieces cut, cutting time and blade tension. The hydraulic system is the latest generation in terms of power efficiency. Switching off when not in use for energy savings.

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Blade 4640 x 34 x 0.9mm
Motor Power 4.0kW
Vice Opening 515mm
Round Capacity 330mm
Rect Capacity 510 x 320mm
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    • Date February 20, 2020
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