Produced in Bursa, Turkey since 1965. Their product range includes Laser Cutting Machines, Press Brakes, Plasma Cutting Machines, CNC Punch Presses, Guillotine Shears and Metal Additive Manufacturing

There are a few reasons why it might be time to upgrade to a new Press Brake, Guillotine Shear or Laser.
Improved reliability
Increased capacity
Improved safety
Improved repeatability
For a start, in machine tool terms, Ermaksan is massive. Even though their focus is primarily on sheet metal and plate fabrication (3D Metal Additive Printing being the exception) the diverse range and capacity within that field is mind-blowing. Their modern and substantial engineering facilities spread over two massive buildings covering an impressive 96,000m2.
They seamlessly move from producing a small 40T x 1.2m Press Brake to a 1500T Press Brake, a standard 3.0m x 6.0mm Shear to an 18.0m long 6kw Fiber Laser. Agility like this is only possible with a strong focus on R & D and abundance of capable and qualified staff.
Power Machinery has a long tradition in Press Brakes and Shears going back to the early 70s. Of course, Australian customers requirements have evolved, and we believe we have grown together with them.
In the case of our typical Aussie fabricating customer, many of which we have worked with for decades, we didn’t need to offer the absolute latest cutting edge technology necessarily. What we were more looking for was proven, stable and reliable technology from a company that gave high priority to after-sales support. The choice of supplier needed to come at a reasonable price and represent excellent value.
Ermaksan has proven itself to be an excellent choice.