For short runs across a variety of materials, a manual bandsaw or hydraulically controlled gravity feed steel bandsaw is ideal for steel fabrication.

Since we introduced the MEP swivel head mitre cutting saws in 1994, they have become the number one selling horizontal band saw in their class.

At the heart of our Italian metal cutting bandsaws are the full cast iron bow and band wheels. These provide excellent stability and reduced vibration compared to traditional fabricated structures found in cheaper machines.

This construction allows you to run blade very high band tensions and combined with the direct gearbox drive (no belts or pulleys) and carbide blade guides you have the straightest, fastest cutting range of saws on the market.

A straight cut every time reduces the requirement for secondary operations such as milling or grinding before assembly or welding, and a straighter cutting saw dramatically improves blade life and wasted time changing blades, therefore reducing cost per cut.