Shark 331-1 NC 5.0 Machine Type Header

For higher volume cutting with repetitious lengths, an automatic band saw might be the right solution. There are different systems of feeding the bar. Hitch feed or shuttle feed is usually the preferred option due to its reliability, accuracy and ease of use.

The MEP range of Automatic Bandsaws is Shark NC 5.0.

MEP designs NC 5.0 Saws for two applications. The first is a range of horizontal and vertical saws that are not only programmable for length and number of pieces to be cut but are also versatile enough for general fabrication with all the features of the semi-automatic saws, including mitring.

The second is a range of twin column saws designed for straight cutting only. Typically these would be heavier in construction and designed to be capable of billet cutting tool steel bar to the maximum capacity of the machine. MEP twin column machines feature “In Box” design for the highest level of safety and are robust and powerful enough to utilise carbide blades if required.

When considering an automatic saw it is very important the bow itself and overall structure is as stable and rigid as possible. Our preference is for a cast iron bow and band wheels, this provides the best stability and reduces vibration compared to traditional fabricated structures found in cheaper machines.

Cast iron bows allow you to run very high band tensions and when combined with the best available technology throughout the machine ensure you have the straightest, fastest cutting steel bandsaws possible.

Straight cuts reduce your requirement for secondary operations and dramatically improves blade life and wasted time changing blades, therefore reducing your cost per cut.