MEP Tiger 352 Manual Coldsaw

Made in Italy, the MEP Tiger 352 is a manual metal cutting cold saw. The saw can cut from 60° right to 45° left. The cutting head moves vertically on two enclosed linear bearings.

  • The vice has a quick-action lever.
  • Four-speed gearbox 15,30,45 and 90 RPM.
  • Gearbox incorporates a double set of gears immersed in oil providing four speeds and higher performance.
  • The rotating table ensures the blade always aligns with slot and provides a stable working area even when cutting small parts.
  • The pull-down handle has an IP55 dead man switch.
  • A metal blade cover encloses the blade.
  • The vice has an anti-burr device with double clamping of the piece.
  • The steel base is standard equipment with slide-out chip tray and coolant pump.
  • Adjustable length stop.
  • Included are service keys and instructions manual for maintenance.
  • Also, available in MA version with pneumatic vice.
Blade 350mm dia.
Motor Power 2.5kW
Vice Opening 190mm
Round Capacity 115mm
Rectangular Capacity 180 x 95mm
  • Brand MEP
  • Date February 11, 2020
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