MEP Cobra 352 Aluminum Saw

MEP Cobra 352 is a manually operated aluminium sawing machine. The saw can cut from 45° right to 45° left and tilt to 45° also, making compound mitring possible. The saw is 2 Speed (1700/3400 RPM) and uses tungsten tipped blades.

  • Adjustable mechanical stops at 0° and 45° left/right to lock position o the head quickly.
  • The screw locking system can clamp the head at any mitre angle.
  • The steel base is optional
  • Automatic device to lubricate the blade.
  • Operator clamps material by Material utilizing two vices. The vices can be easily positioned left and right on the bed.
  • The aluminium jaws on the vice can be easily adjusted vertically.
  • Length measuring stop, scaled in mm.
  • Machine Includes service keys and instructions manual for maintenance.
  • MA version is available with steel base and air operated clamps included.
Blade 350mm dia.
Motor Power 2.2kW
Vice Opening 180mm
Round Capacity 120mm
Rect. Capacity 180 x 70mm
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    • Date February 6, 2020
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