MEP PH 262 CCS Bandsaw Manual

Looking for perfect straight vibration-free cutting everytime?

You get that with dual mitre, cast iron construction, carbide blade guides, and direct drive gearbox with MEP hydraulic downfeed control. MEP is the ideal saw for any small to medium-sized fabricator.

Capacity 240 x 160mm.



• Mitring is quick and easy both ways to 60 degrees. Rapid action. No tools are required to go left to right.

• The cast iron construction provides an incredibly stable structure that ensures precise square cuts and long blade life.

• Direct drive gearbox drive ensures maximum power and efficiency is delivered to the cut.

• Fitted with MEPs Cut Control System (CCS), the switch in the handle activates cutting.

• The feed rate is regulated hydraulically by the precision potentiometer.

• Vice with a fast-clamping device so you can lock in repetitive jobs fast.

• Hydraulic gauge to visualize band tension, including a safety stop if the blade breaks.

• Low voltage electric pump for lubrication and cooling.

• Wire chip brush to keep the blade clean and maximise blade life.

• Perfectly counterbalanced head by a double head return spring.

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Blade 2450 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Motor Power 0.7 – 0.81 Kw
Vice Opening 245mm
Round Capacity 225mm
Rect. Capacity 240 x 160mm
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    • Date March 2, 2020
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