Produced in Gotene, Sweden since 1907 their product range includes sheetmetal folders, sheetmetal guillotine shears, slit and cut to length lines, decoilers, recoilers and The BASE fully automatic bending centre for roofing profiles.

Cidan has always occupied a unique space in the world market. Focusing on accurate machines for sheet metal rather than getting enticed to move into heavier plate machines and to still using electromechanical systems while the majority of the market went hydraulic. This turned out to be a masterstroke as the cost of power went up and up, their machines being far more efficient.

Their focus has always been one of innovation, safety, speed and reliability, this was an easier task when you were only building machines up to 4.0mm maximum capacity.

Power Machinery partnered with Cidan in the Australian market in the early 90s. Pre-2000s, at first we were successful in introducing their small manual folders that used gas struts to assist bending rather than the massive welded counterweights Aussies were used to. Soon after innovative shops were also investing in Cidan electromechanical shears and slitting cut to length lines as well. At this stage, all machines were made in Denmark. They came at a premium price, never the less sheet metal shops across Australia appreciated how much more comfortable, and more accurate the tools were to use compared to the locally made machines, so sales continued to expand.

In 1993 Cidan acquired Goteneds, a Swedish machine tool manufacturer with a history dating back to to 1907. At time Goteneds had a game-changing folder. Their electromechanical folder featured a unique invention, the Combi Head. The Combi Head was a triangular clamping beam that had a full-length folding blade on one corner and segmented panbrake fingers on another. The operator could quickly select which function was required, and the machine automatically rotated the head and locked into position the clamping blade needed.

Cidan and Goteneds was a successful merger, and by leveraging each other strengths, markets and sales expanded. In 2009 all production and head office was moved to Sweden.

At the end of 2017, Cidan acquired Forstner. Forstner, based in Austria, is a company specialising in Slitting and Cut to Length Lines. This has resulted in probably the most innovative breakthrough to date.

Cidan has since partnered with Forstner, nuIT Software and Thalmann Long Folders of Switzerland to produce the BASE (Bending And Slitting Engine). The BASE is a fully automated bending system for roofing products up to 8.0m long. The system can automatically select the coil, slit it to width, cut to length, transfer it to the folding machine and then bend the piece to the programmed shoe and size and then transfer the finished part to be picked and packed.

The whole process is fully automatic from the coil to the finished part.
This is a breakthrough given the labour-intensive nature of first producing a single piece of flashing once you consider all the various processes that go into it.

If you work with sheet metal and take pride in the accuracy and quality of your product. Particularly we would suggest taking a look at the innovative range of folders. Models such as the FX Folding machine with Combi Beam with a 2.0m backgauge table could revolutionise your sheet metal shop.