Cidan FX Plus Folder

Cidan FX Plus Folder

Cidan FX Plus is a Swedish sheet metal folding machine and panbrake incorporating the innovative Combi Head. CNC backgauge tables support the material and make even large panels easy to handle.

The machine is electro-mechanical, so it is highly energy-efficient, only using power when active.

Programming is intuitive with the ProLink W 15″ Touch Screen Graphic Control. You quickly draw up the profile to be bent, the computer creates the program for bend angle, back gauge position and most efficient bend sequence. The controller will also set the gap according to material thickness, and the bending centre line achieves the desired radius. Select within the program whether to bend using the 30° folding blade or in case you are folding a box, the segmented box and pan fingers. The head can rotate to either in seconds. All tooling is precision ground.

An alternative to Press Brake. No more changing tools. Easy programming. Perfect bends.


FX Plus 25            FX Plus 30            FX Plus 40
Bending Length 2600mm 3100mm 4100mm
Thickness – Mild steel 2.5mm 2.0mm 2.0mm
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    • Date February 27, 2020
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