Cidan Evo Shear


Manufactured in Sweden, the Cidan Evo guillotine shear with touch screen programmable back gauge uses a brake drive motor to power the cutting head. It is highly energy-efficient only using power when stroking. This system provides faster cutting than equivalent hydraulic machines.

Distance from finger guard to the cutting line is small, and the operator has a clear view over the clamp bar to see where they are cutting making cutting narrow strips achievable. The view can be beneficial when using the backgauge impractical. The Evo also features a full-length clamp with urethane insert to avoid damage to sensitive material. The operator does not have to be concerned with aligning workpiece with an individual hold-downs typically found on hydraulic machines.

One option to consider is a rear sheet support system with return to sender function that saves the operator going to the rear of the machine to pick up cut parts. Return to sender also allows the machine to locate closer to a wall.

Cutting Length 3100mm 4100mm
Thickness – Mild steel 4.0mm 2.5mm
Strokes per minute 28 28
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