Tiger 352 NC 5.0 Coldsaw Machine Type Header

For higher volume cutting with repetitious lengths, an automatic Cold Saw or High-Speed Saw might be the right solution. The suitability will most likely depend on the dimension and type of the material. If extremely high volumes are required the high speed saws are in a league of their own in terms of parts produced per hour.

A cold saw uses a resharpenable high-speed steel circular blade rotating at less than 90 RPM. The cutting action is more like milling than sawing. Consequently, the finish of the cut part is more like a machined edge than a sawn edge typical of a bandsaw. The cut is also very straight. This process also produces less burr.

A high-speed metal cutting circular saw uses tungsten carbide tip blades operating at up to 200RPM, high power motors, AC Drive ballscrew feed vices and an extremely rigid structure. The result is exceptionally high production outputs, and high quality finish burr-free cuts to very tight length tolerances.

The MEP range of automatic cold saws suitable for cutting steel is Tiger NC 5.0, and the high-speed saws are Velocex.