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Beam Lines for Structural Steel Fabrication

In structural steel fabrication, most Australian fabricators will each pay very close to the same per ton for their steel the labour rate and rent in their area will also be similar. So the commercial reality is the business that can reduce their man-hours, errors and reworks the most per ton will both win more work and enjoy higher margins.

Robotic beam lines are the leanest solution in structural fabricating. They require less time per piece, less programming, less wasted time in material handling and need less floor space.

Most likely 70% to 80% of the beams that leave your shop require far more than just bolt holes. It doesn’t take long to drill holes on a drilling beamline, or a robotic beamline.

The real savings come when the robotic beamline also copes, bevels, slots, notches, and marks up all in a smooth continuous process within a single easy program and without the need to change any tools.