Jan 22

Upgrade your old Roundo Bending Machine

Mechanically most Roundos will outlast religion. Maybe it’s time to bring it up to speed with the latest Swebend Control technology.

In partnership with Swebend, we can not only offer new machines but also upgrade even the oldest Roundo Section or Plate Bending machines with new hydraulic, electrical systems, Bluetooth handheld controls or the latest SEVEN CNC Control.

Mechanically many plate and section bending machines have many more years of reliable operation left in them. However, control technology has rapidly evolved, and many workshops are still using 90s technology and doing it the hard way unnecessarily.

The Swebend Bluetooth handheld control is available with Digital Readout for any axis you choose and easy to use mini joysticks. It is an inexpensive way to make your machine more comfortable to use and replace the original technology that may be getting difficult to service and spare parts become more and more difficult to source.

Perhaps your existing machine already has a CNC control. Still, it is getting unreliable, and new operators struggle to understand it’s programming, or you have a manually operated machine and would like to upgrade it to CNC. Either way, talk to us about the Swebend SEVEN CNC.

We understand no two bending operations are the same, and the variable factors such as material thickness, spring back, the diameter of the workpiece all complicate the bending process. With the SEVEN CNC system, we can take the guesswork out of the rolling operation.
Get ultimate control over the entire rolling process with IRMA – the In-Line Measurement Adapter. IRMA helps you to accommodate for typical minor material variations easily.

Design any shape possible or create precise production planning by estimating the cycle time and calculate valuable data in your preferred time-scale.

Also available as upgrade packages are full hydraulic kits in case your old system is starting to show signs of wear, and replacement parts are becoming difficult to source.

If you are interested in upgrading your Section or Plate Bending machine we need Serial Number and if possible electrical and hydraulic diagrams.