Vicon Variable Channel Rollformer


Manufactured in the USA, the Vicon Station variable-width rollformer model V-1246V saves an enormous amount of time and improves productivity in Australian duct fabricating shops. Interestingly it is an Australian phenomenon as U.S shops don’t use a range of different thickness insulation like we do.

A single piece of duct can have up to eight sheet metal channels of different lengths. The width of the channel varies depending on the specified thickness of insulation.

The solution is the variable width rollformer that produces channel at a rate of 18m/min and is adjusted for width by a simple handwheel. Processing strip in the rollformer replaces the time-consuming alternative of doing one bend at a time in a folder or brake press.

All tooling is heat-treated and hardened to ensure an incredibly long life.

Leg heights can be made 25mm to 35mm and don’t necessarily need to be equal, the width of the channel is variable from 35mm to 100mm.

Line speed 18m/min
Maximum thickness – Mild Steel 1.2mm
Channel Width 35mm to 100mm
Rectangular Capacity 280 x 200mm
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    • Date February 25, 2020
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