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Vicon V8 Pittsburgh Rollformer

Manufactured in the USA, the Vicon eight-station Pittsburgh Rollforming machine is almost iconic in quality duct shops.

Nearly every piece of ductwork requires a Pittsburgh seam to work as a connection. If this connection isn’t of high quality, it can lead to problems such as leakage and fail to comply with Australian standards. The Vicon V8 produces connections that exceed SMACNA standards.

It is the quietest machine in the industry, and by using eight stations plus a 5HP motor and gearbox (not belt drive), the V8 can form perfect Pittsburgh seams without the use of a pocketing wheel. It does this at the impressive rate of 27m/min, double the speed of many 5 station lockseamers found in many of Australias duct shops.

Available with different size female Pittsburgh, drive cleat, double seam, 4 in 1 rolls and Male Pittsburgh rolls and sealant systems. A V8 can take up to three sets of rolls.

Give thought to how much time your sheet metal workers spend running Pittsburgh seams.

Line speed up to 27m/min
Maximum thickness – Mild Steel 1.6mm
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    • Date February 25, 2020
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