• Vicon Single Head Corner Inserter

Vicon Single Head Corner Inserter

Manufactured in the USA, the Vicon Single Head Corner Inserter model V-SH-CIM is a heavy-duty pneumatic machine for fitting duct connecting corners into your duct one corner at a time. It automatically inserts the connector in and then crimps it in place, there is no further work required.

The V-SH-CIM is designed primarily for fittings. However, straight ducts are also possible.

It is suitable for duct made from 1.6mm to 0.4mm mild steel, and it can accept stackable corners for flanges TDX, TDF or TDC.

Air pressure required 100 PSI
Voltage 240V single phase
Thickness capacity – Mild Steel 0.4mm to 1.6mm
Rectangular Capacity 280 x 200mm
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    • Date February 25, 2020
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