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Vicon Pittsburgh Seam Closer

Manufactured in the USA, the Vicon Pittsburgh Seam Closer V-PSC-V516 is a pit mounted machine designed to quickly and easily close the Pittsburgh seam on the corner of square and rectangular ductwork.

Once the operator has manually engaged the male flange into the female pocket and tapped over two or three small areas to hold in place, they place the duct into the machine vertically. The machine automatically clamps the duct, and then the power-driven single V roller closes over the seam. The roller closes the seam from either side, so there is no concern regarding a right and wrong way to position duct into the machine.

Using the V-PSC-V516 is a fast, efficient and quiet solution compared to the traditional methods such as manually hammering or using handheld hemming tools. A standard 1.5m piece of duct full wrap, with one corner to seam, can be closed in under 12 seconds.

Duct Length 300mm to 1550mm
Thickness capacity – Mild Steel 0.4mm to 1.6mm
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    • Date February 25, 2020
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