Vicon HVAC 510 Plasma Table

Made in Pennsylvania, the USA the Vicon HVAC 510 Plasma table is iconic to North America. We believe it is essential to get you running perfectly from the start, so our factory-trained technicians install the machine and train your operators in both machine operation and software.

The HVAC 510 uses an exclusive dual rack and pinion drive that provides exceptional speed and positioning accuracy. The aluminium gantry provides a rigid structure and also reduces the weight and inertia to allow high-speed cutting of sharp corners.

The PC Controller with colour monitor and Vi-Soft Duct software ensures excellent customer service as the machine and software are from one source. If you are an existing user of alternative software, e.g. Camduct, we can supply a 3rd party interface so you can still work seamlessly.

Your CNC plasma is one of the most critical machines, if it stops, soon after your workers are idle and duct stops going out the door.

Invest wisely, invest in quality, invest in Vicon.

Effective cutting area 1550mm x 3100mm
Traversing speed up to 50m/min
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    • Date February 27, 2020
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