• Vicon Duct Brake

Vicon Duct Brake

Manufactured in the USA, the Vicon Duct Brake model V-TDX-B receives more complimentary feedback than any other machine in the Vicon range. Although not overly complicated, this one simple machine saves enormous time for busy duct fabricators improving their productivity.

The V-TDX-B has a retractable guide bar that aligns the duct correctly for each bend, guaranteeing that every bend is the perfect place.

The Vicon duct brake is suitable for end flange, L Bends, fittings plus it can bend full wraps down to 150mm x 150mm.

Each 90-degree bend only takes seconds.

Air pressure required 80 PSI
Voltage 240V single phase
Bending length 1550mm
Thickness capacity – Mild Steel 1.6mm
Minimum full wrapDuct length 150 x 150mm
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    • Date February 25, 2020
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