• Vicon Coil Line

Vicon Coil Line

Entirely manufactured in the USA, the Vicon Coil Line is the ultimate in an efficient system to manufacture a length of square or rectangular sheet metal duct. No other manufacturer can match a Vicon coil lines production rate or reliability.

Vicon design each Coil Line according to the customer’s requirements. Incorporating different functions or considering flow direction and workshop layout.

A complete line could uncoil, feed coil, straighten, notch, bead, plasma cut spigot holes, cut to length, form the flanges, form the pittsburgh both male and female, form the drive cleats, apply insulation and finish as a blank or fold the part to either an L or full wrap ready for closure.

The whole job programmed centrally using the Vi Soft software.

However, the beauty of the Vicon automatic duct fabrication system is that you can tailor any or all these requirements into your original line or start with a front end and add components over time.

In effect, your Vicon Coil Line can grow with your business.

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    • Date February 27, 2020
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