Swebend SB3 Section Bending Machines

Swebend SB3 Section Bending Machines

Manufactured in Sweden, the engineers at Swebend have over 100 years of experience from their days at Roundo. The SB3 is a three roll hydraulic section bending machine(angle rolls). There are always exceptions to the rule, but we would generally consider a three roll machine to be ideal for jobbing work and not necessarily the most suitable for CNC.

With the SB3 the guide rolls follow the primary bending rolls, they are mechanically or hydraulically adjusted to offset twist and tension, particularly an issue in asymmetrical sections such as angle iron. Adjustment is possible either manually or using the joysticks on the Blue Tooth handheld control.

Through listening to your requirements carefully, we aim to offer the ideal solution with the correct equipment.

Section bending is not easy, and a poor quality machine or a machine without the right optional equipment makes the task more difficult. Choose wisely, choose Swebend.

Shaft Diameter From 55 to 520mm
Angle Toe Out From 50 x 50 to 250 x 250mm
Flat Bar the Hard Way From 50 x 15 to 600 x 120mm
Pipe From 1.5″ to 28″ Dia.
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