Swebend PB4 Plate Bending Rolls


Manufactured in Sweden, the engineers at Swebend have over 100 years of experience from their days at Roundo. The PB4 is a four-roll hydraulic double pinch machine ideal for repetitive production. It works beautifully with Swebends cutting edge Seven CNC Control. The double pinch mechanism, together with CNC, can reduce production time dramatically.

Swebend guarantees higher pre-bending power and drive torque than any equivalent capacity machine. The PB3 has proven to be the best in the world at virtually eliminating flat ends.

Through listening to your requirements, we aim to offer the best machine with the correct equipment. Plate bending rolls represent a significant investment, and we believe that it is vital to get it right.

One option can be the difference between it being practical in your workshop or inefficient. Swebend machines are not cheap and are not short delivery. However, if you consider your decision can impact your business for over 20 years, we are confident that a Swebend does offer outstanding value and an excellent ROI.

Bending Lengths 1000mm to 4000mm
Prebend Capacities 3.5mm to 75mm
Rolling Capacities 5.0mm to 90mm
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