Strands S35 Pedestal Drill
  • Strand S30M 710x910

Strands S35 Pedestal Drill

Made in Sweden, the Strands S-35 Pedestal Column Drill is legendary in performance and longevity. The gearbox manufactured according to their proven system of helical gears together with reinforced fibre gears has proven over the decades to provide long life and quiet vibration-free operation.

Both drill head and table can rotate 360 degrees around column and table can rotate 360 degrees around its centre.

All machines supplied with drill guard and microswitch according to CE requirements.

Available in three versions:

  • S35 Manual Feed Pedestal Drill
  • S35M Mechanically activated power feed with spindle returning to the starting point. Feed gearbox includes an automatic overload.
  • S35ME Electrically activated power feed by buttons at the top of the feed lever. Auto-reverse for tapping is standard.

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Morse Taper 4MT
Drill Capacity 35mm
Quill Travel 150mm
Distance Drill to Column 320mm
Speeds 75, 160,265, 535,440,890,1480,3010 RPM
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    • Date February 24, 2020
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