MEP Shark 282 CCS Bandsaw

Manufactured in Italy, the MEP Shark 282 CCS is a manual metal cutting bandsawing machine that can cut from 45° right to 60° left. The operator can use the saw either manually or activate the Cut Control System in which case the saw can cut without the operator. After the cut is complete, the blade stops, and the operator lifts back to the top position ready for the next cut.

  • Vice with rapid action device.
  • Hydraulic gauge to see band tension.
  • Full working surface with a rotating table mounted on thrust bearings.
  • Electric coolant pump.
  • The steel base has a slide-out chip tray.
  • Double Head Return Spring.
  • Sliding vice with quick and easy movement when mitring
  • Wire chip brush to keep band clean.
  • Length stop with scale in mm.
  • Stock support arm with a roller prepared for loading table.
  • The bi-metal blade is suitable for solids and sections.
  • Service keys and instructions manual.

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Blade 2950 x 27 x 0.9mm
Motor Power 1.8kW
Vice Opening 285mm
Round Capacity 250mm
Rect Capacity 280 x 220mm
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    • Date February 28, 2020
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