MEP Tiger 372 CNC LR 4.0 Automatic Coldsaw

Manufactured in Italy, the Tiger 372 CNC LR 4.0 is an electropneumatic automatic vertical circular saw which enables you to cut steels mitering from -45° to +60°. In addition to the automatic cutting cycle, it can also operate in semi-automatic mode.

Programming is with the MEP 40 which has been specifically designed by MEP for the automation of its range of products. The 8” touch screen display operator interface and push buttons for all functions of the sawing machine. It is simple and intuitive, and with a self-learning feature it guarantees reliable use and it controls all cutting parameters in real time.

Upper and lower saw head limits and bar feeder forward/backward, are set through a joy-stick according to dimension of the material.

  • Blade rotation with one speed motor with electronic speed variator so as to cut from 15 up to 150 rpm to obtain the best cutting efficiency.
  • Bar feeder has a length of 1000 mm
  • Uses high quantity of cutting liquid (120 liters/min) to cool blade, to wash the work area continuously and to convey chips guaranteeing longer blade life.

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Blade 370mm
Motor Power 5.5kW
Vice Opening 190mm
Round Capacity 120mm
Rect. Capacity 180 x 100mm
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    • Date February 7, 2020
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