MEP Shark 332 RC Connect

MEP Shark 332 RC Connect

The MEP Shark 332 RC Connect is the first horizontal bandsaw in the MEP range to offer a programmable automatic rotation of the cutting head from 60° left to 60° right for symmetrical and asymmetrical cuts. Rotation of the cutting head is by a brushless motor, which allows precise control in speed, torque and position.

The RC Connect is designed to run “Operator Free”. The saw automatically positions the operating head and the vices and feed the bar through to the correct position to make the trim cut.

The cutting force is controlled by an electric cylinder driven by a brushless motor, this combination of the servomotor with ball-recirculating screw guarantees precise control of the cutting dynamics with an immediate feedback response to all the load and stress variations generated during the cutting process.

The Shark RC features a double vice for optimal bar management. The movable vice automatically positions itself according to the programmed cutting angles. The fixed vice ensures safe clamping of the bar during the feeding sequence so that there is no inaccuracy in feed length.

A unique feature of this model is the modular feeding system with 1500 mm stroke repeatable to cut at any length, by a brushless motor with transmission by pinion gear and a helical tooth rack. This guarantees an accurate and precise position. It is even possible to extend the stroke of the feeder to 3000 mm or 4500 mm.

The fully enclosed In Box design ensures operator safety while maintaining excellent visibility and accessibility to all working areas. As a bonus, it helps keep the workshop clean by capturing all the swarf and coolant.


Blade 3770 x 27  x 0.9mm
Motor Power 3.0kW
Vice Opening 330mm
Round Capacity 310mm
Rectangular Capacity 330 x 300mm
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    • Date February 23, 2020
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