MEP Shark 331-1 NC 5.0 Spider Automatic Bandsaw

Manufactured in Italy, the Shark 331-1 NC 5.0 Spider is an automatic hydraulic bandsaw built in a cast iron construction to cut from 0° right to 60° left.

The metal cutting saw is a compact design with a minimal footprint with a 180mm Touch Screen control. It is simple to use and program. The Windows CE based CNC manages all cutting parameters and functions in real-time. Cutting head and feeding vice can also be positioned manually by the joystick control.

Bar feed is by ballscrew and stepper motor. You can program different lengths and batch numbers on one length of material. Feeding vice protected by safety interlocked cover.

Band speed is infinitely variable electronically from 15 to 100m/min.

Hydraulic controls are the latest generation, highly efficient power-on-demand system. Control system monitors power drag on the main motor and adapts feed rate accordingly.

MEP Shark 332-1NC 5.0 SpiderMEP Shark 332-1NC 5.0 Spider Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Blade 3650 x 27 x 3770 x 0.9mm
Motor Power 2.2kW
Vice Opening 335mm
Round Capacity 300mm
Rectangular Capacity 330 x 260mm
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    • Date February 26, 2020
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