MEP Falcon 352MA Manual Coldsaw


MEP Falcon 352MA is a manual metal cutting cold saw. The saw can cut from 45° right to 45° left using a high-speed steel blade. Only available in three-phase. It is is supplied with a steel base and two speed motor.

  • The electric system has wiring that is all correctly colour codes to Australian standards and numbered for easy identification.
  • The vice has a quick-action lever.
  • Blade shaft assembled on two preloaded in an eccentric bush to allow for adjustment between the crown wheel and worm gear.
  • The pull-down handle has an IP55 dead man switch.
  • A metal blade cover encloses the blade.
  • Double head return springs to help counterbalance the cutting head.
  • The gearbox consists of a bronze gear, and case hardened/grounded -worm screw all working in an oil-filled gearbox.
  • The vice has an anti-burr device with double clamping of the piece.
  • Electric submerged pump 48V coolant pump.
  • Adjustable length stop.
  • Included are service keys and instructions manual for maintenance.

This model is typically in stock available for immediate delivery Australia wide.

Please call (02) 8445 8555 to enquire.

Blade 350mm dia.
Motor Power 2.2kW
Vice Opening 130mm
Round Capacity 115mm
Rectangular Capacity 130 x 80mm
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    • Brand MEP
    • Date February 12, 2020
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