Tiger 372 SX Evo Coldsaw Semi Auto Machine Type Header

For higher volume cutting of steel sections up to 130 x 80mm, a semi-automatic Cold Saw is ideal.

A cold saw uses a resharpenable high-speed steel circular blade rotating at less than 90 RPM. The cutting action is more like milling than sawing. Consequently, the finish of the cut part is more like a machined edge than a sawn edge typical of a bandsaw. The cut is also very straight. This process also produces less burr.

The MEP range of Semi-Automatic Cold saws is the pneumatic Tiger SX Evo. With the SX Evo, a simple press of a button, footswitch or squeeze of a trigger in the low voltage handle activates the cutting cycle. Clamp, cut, unclamp, head return to programmed height.

The Tiger SX Evo cold saw is a vertical type saw where the head moves up and down on linear bearings rather than pivoting from the back on a pin. Vertical saws are the superior design for heavy-duty or higher volume work. Due to increased rigidity in the structure, the chatter reduces, and quality of cut and blade life is improved.