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Section Bending Rolls

CNC Control has revolutionised most aspects of steel fabrication and processing. Consider a Laser, Punch Press or Press Brake, in most cases once the foreman has run a test sample of the material and made a few corrections, from there, mostly unskilled labour can start to produce. This is not so much the case with general section rolling.

On a walkthrough of any of our customers Section Rolling operations, you discover that it is a meticulous job and the machine operators particularly given charge of the bigger rolling machines usually have decades of experience. Unskilled production isn’t possible regardless of whether it is hot or cold-rolled sections or aluminium, CNC or manually controlled.

So it goes to follow that what makes and breaks most rolling companies is the experience and skill of the operator and the integrity of the machine itself. Essentially section bending or ring rolling remains an art form, and an inferior machine or inadequate CNC makes an already tricky task close to impossible.

A machine which has low torque, poorly configured underpowered guide rolls or poor geometry of the drive rolls can create significant headaches for the operator. Not only does it make the task even more challenging (think 150mm angle iron toe in multiple radii), but it also risks errors that can be very expensive or worse, impossible to fix.

Compounding the difficulty, engineers and architects are pushing the boundaries with more and more complex designs and using tougher and harder materials. We are starting to see products that are only possible by CNC. See our video of the Roller Coaster Rail!

At Power Machinery, we realise we must be able to support our customers with expert advice and after-sales service, and this is only possible if we have knowledgeable factory support.

At Power Machinery, we are proud of our decades’ long association with Peter Nilsson, the former CEO at Roundo®. After Roundo® departed Sweden, Peter pulled together a team of Roundo’s best, brightest and most experienced team members and started Swebend. Our partnership with Swebend allowed us to offer full support and the best advice to all our existing Roundo® users.

It also means we can offer the most robust and advanced section bending machines in the world. Win-Win.