Tiger 352 Coldsaw Manual Machine Type Header

For low volume cutting of steel sections up to 130 x 80mm, a manual cold saw or sometimes referred to as a Brobo Saw, is still a worthwhile machine for most steel fabrication workshops.

Although these days it is mostly outsold by the swivel head bandsaws, providing your material fits within the work envelope of the machine it is still hard to beat a cold saw for accuracy and quality of cut. It also takes up less room and is typically a little cheaper.

A cold saw uses a resharpenable high-speed steel circular blade rotating at less than 90 RPM. The cutting action is more like milling than sawing. Consequently, the finish of the cut part is more like a machined edge than a sawn edge typical of a bandsaw. This process also produces less burr.

The MEP range of manually pull down pivoting cold saws are Falcon and Tiger.

The Falcon range is a pivoting machine similar to the well known Brobo, the Tiger is a vertical action machine with a heavier duty gearbox and the head moving vertical on linear bearings for heavier duty applications.

Saws available with 250, 300 and 350 diameter blades ex stock, ready for delivery Australia wide.