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  • Cidan Range
  • Forstner Range 
Cidan Cut to Length Machine Type Header

Cut to length lines, sometimes referred to as Coil Lines can automatically produce flat sheet, cut to length and width directly from the coil, dramatically improving efficiency.

For producers of HVAC duct, the coil line can also notch the edges, form the stiffening beads, flange the sides, Pittsburgh seam the corners and fold up the duct, ready final assembly.

This can provide significant operational advantages and cost savings in specific industries. Most notably for metal roofing where long length narrow strips are required for flashings and duct fabricating where a single line can eliminate hours of handling and processing.

Typically a simple line would include a decoiler for accepting up to 5000kg coils, straightening rolls to remove the coil set, slitting knives to slit the coil into strips and a shear to cut it to the correct length. This can be programmed and operated with minimal training.

Cutting material straight from the coil to the required length significantly reduces the amount of scrap, and reduces the price per ton you pay for your steel.

Coil Lines can vary from very simple to quite elaborate with many secondary and automated functions.

We look forward to discussing your requirements and providing the best solution.