Plasma table

There is no industry in Australia where CNC Plasma Cutting Tables are more ubiquitous than duct fabricating shops. They are usually one of the first significant investments made by HVAC business owners, and they provide the fastest ROI of any machine in their workshop.

A quality Plasma Cutting Table is a fast and clean and reliable method of cutting their light gauge sheet metal.

We saw the first CNC plasma cutters arrive in Australia around the early 80s. Mostly the U.S manufactured Cybermation. Of course, as with any new technology, they were quite expensive.

Demand snowballed, without one, you weren’t competitive. The old method of working from templates and calculating the shape and size of every fitting was incredibly time consuming and required skilled sheet metal workers.

The essential design elements of a gantry carried moved by a dual-drive rack and pinion systems haven’t changed enormously. Still, of course, the technology, speed and quality of components have evolved. If you invest in a reputable machine, today’s machines are faster and more reliable than ever.

The PC based Controls and Operating Software is the brain of the machine. With dedicated software for Ductwork, it is a simple process selecting the shape for the fitting, filling in the required dimensions and the software calculates the unfolded shape and size of the fitting, virtually nests it on the sheet to minimise waste with other parts to be cut.

Standard working areas are 3.1m x 1.5m, or optionally, customers can opt for 6.0m tables to cut on one end while you load and unload on the other. Technically the HVAC plasmas have a cutting range of 0.3mm to 13.0mm, but generally, the machines are not for thick plate. So talk to us if that is your requirement.

Because your plasma table is critical to your factories operation, it is advisable to work with a reliable brand, and excellent aftersales support is paramount. It is worth getting references from a few existing users.