Hydmech VW-18 Semi Automatic Bandsaw

Hydmech VW-18 Semi Automatic Bandsaw

Manufactured in the USA, the Hydmech VW-18 is a vertically configured semi-automatic hydraulic metal cutting bandsaw built to cut from 60° right to 60° left.

With this vertical saw, you swing the head manually to mitre position although we usually stock this version with optional power tilt function.

On vertical saws, material handling is more efficient as you can load material straight onto the table, no need to roll it in from left and right.

The on-demand hydraulics are latest generation and energy efficient and the VW-18 has many innovative features to improve ease of use and quality of cut. These include two full stroking hydraulic vices, hydraulic positive feed, cast iron blade wheels, replaceable carbide guide inserts, variable vice pressure, powered chip conveyor, flood coolant with a wash down hose and laser line and work light.


Blade 4953 x 34mm
Motor Power 3.7kW
Round Capacity 438mm
Rect. Capacity 558 x 457mm
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    • Date February 13, 2020
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