Hydmech V-18 APC-60 Automatic Bandsaw

Hydmech V-18 APC-60 Automatic Bandsaw


Manufactured in the USA, the Hydmech V-18 APC-60 is unique. It is a vertical double mitre automatic metal cutting bandsaw that can mitre both left and right to 60° even when being used in automatic mode. The mitre angle is a programmed function.

The saw includes four full stroking hydraulic vices: the shuttle feed vice, vices either side of the blade and a squaring vice. The squaring vice is very useful for ensuring accuracy on long heavy lengths of material.

It has a cast-iron feed shuttle with 1000mm travel in a single stroke and automatic multi indexing if cutting length requires. It has a cutting chamber that separates the material from the cut part.

The V-18APC uses a Mitsubishi PLC with up to 99 jobs with 5 in a queue.

Standard equipment includes chip conveyor, laser line and low voltage lamp as well as variable vice pressure and on-demand hydraulic system to conserve energy.

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Blade 5162 x 32mm
Motor Power 5.5kW
Vice Opening 600mm
Round Capacity 457mm
Rect. Capacity 558 x 457mm
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    • Date February 18, 2020
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