Hydmech H-18A Automatic Bandsaw
  • Hydmech H-18A

Hydmech H-18A Automatic Bandsaw

Manufactured in Canada, the Hydmech H-18A is a double column automatic metal cutting hydraulic bandsaw. The H-18A is straight cutting saw only (no mitre). It has a high-speed feed shuttle with 860mm travel in a single stroke, or the-120 version comes with 3000mm travel in a single stroke.

This model is extremely robust and capable of continuous cutting at full capacity. It can automatically feed material until there is a very short remnant piece. The Dual Down Feed (DDF) allows the operator to control the feed rate and the feed force independently for more efficient cutting.

PLC is Mitsubishi, programmable with up to 99 jobs with 5 in a queue.

Cast iron shuttle feed with automatic multi indexing and automatic kerf compensation with automatic blade chamber that separates material from the cut part.

This model comes standard with an automatic chip removal auger.


Blade 5842 x 38mm
Motor Power 7.5kW
Vice Opening 470mm
Round Capacity 457mm
Rect. Capacity 457 x 457mm
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    • Date February 18, 2020
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