Ermaksan Speed Bend Pro Press Brake
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Ermaksan Speed Bend Pro Press Brake

The Ermaksan Speed Bend Pro is an electronically balanced CNC Press Brake. The standard arrangement has seven CNC controlled axes. Y1, Y2 (left and right cylinders) and X (backgauge in and out), R (backgauge up and down) and Z1, Z2 (Individual control of backgauge fingers left and right on backgauge bar) and Crowning.

Ermaksan uses the highest quality European components such as German Siemens electrical, German Hoerbiger Hydraulics including their quiet high-pressure energy-efficient pump and either the Swiss Cybelec CNC or the Dutch Delem CNC. The result is a very reliable high performance bending machine.On a typical model such as a 100T x 3.1m machine, you get 530mm daylight, 275mm stroke, 200mm/sec approach and 190mm/sec return speed and a backgauge operating at 230mm/sec — awe-inspiring performance and versatile at a reasonable price.

  • Front support arms, height adjustable that slide left and right.
  • Rolleri (Italy) hardened and ground tooling package.
  • Touch Screen Graphical CNC by Cybelec or Delem
  • 410mm throat.
  • Fiessler AKAS II laser guarding system and interlocked side gates and rear light curtains.
Capacity 40T to 600T
Bending Length 1270mm to 6100mm
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    • Date February 25, 2020
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