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Ermaksan CNC HVR Guillotine Shear

The Ermaksan CNC HVR variable rake hydraulic guillotine shear comes standard with a 350mm throat. Variable rake has the benefit of being able to do lighter than full capacity material at lower rake angle, therefore increases cuts per minute and reducing twist in offcut.

Ermaksan uses the highest quality European components such as German Siemens electrical, German Hoerbiger Hydraulics and Swiss Cybelec CNC. The result is a high performance and reliable guillotine.

The Cybelec Cybtouch 8 Control automatically sets blade gap, length of stroke, rake angle and backgauge position according to the programmed material and the size you need to cut.

The ballscrew backgauge has 1000mm with positioning speed of 110mm/sec. The backgauge bar swings up at the end of the stroke to allow passage pf long plate. We suggest the Monoblock or X Type rear sheet support system for cutting lighter gauge sheet metal.

Front finger guards, side interlocked gates and rear photocell light guards comply to CE regulations.

Cutting Lengths 3100 to 6100mm
Thickness range – Mild steel 6.0 – 40.0mm
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    • Date February 25, 2020
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