PythonX Structural Steel Fabrication Machines

PythonX structural steel fabrication system produced by Burlington Automation and Lincoln Electric company – Produced in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The PythonX Robotic Structural Steel Fabrication System is like an entire fabrication shop in a single machine. The intelligent plasma cutting system drills beams, copes, notches, cuts slots, marks/scribes, mitres and bevel cuts. It replaces beam drill lines, bandsaws, angle lines, plate burning centres and more.

Since the first installation in 2011 and multiple since we have never had anything except positive feedback from our customers. Not just about the machine but also stories about how it revolutionised their businesses.

PythonX is the original robotic structural steel processing system and can now claim over 360 lines installed worldwide. They do one thing, and they do it well. And, because they primarily only produce one machine, they can do it quickly and provide you with the fastest turn around from order to installation compared to any other beamline supplier.

Robotic beam lines are the leanest solution in structural fabricating. They require less time per piece, less programming, less wasted time in material handling and need less floor space.