• Decoilers
  • Slitting and Cut to Length Lines.
  • Recoiling
  • The BASE fully automatic bending centre for roofing profiles

Forstner Coil Processing – Produced in Feldkirch, Austria since 1960.

Now part of the Cidan Group of companies, Forstner commenced operations in 1960.

Since the beginning, Forstner has been focussed on building machines for efficient slitting and cutting to length of sheet metal coils. The most frequent customers are in the roofing and cladding industries.

Their focus has always been one of innovation, safety, speed and reliability. Forstner was the first slitting line company to offer programmable positioning of the slitting knives.

Forstner Coil Lines are not available “Off the Shelf.” Instead, each Forstner line is custom built with the available modules and technology to suit your requirements. This is their philosophy to ensure you get the optimal solution with the best return on investment.

Basic modules include:

  • Any number of uncoilers required to form coil garden. Up to 5,000kg each.
  • Powered guide lanes to feed material from uncoilers to straightener and feed rolls.
  • Automatic Coil Selector
  • Powered edge guide to square material on infeed.
  • Straightening unit with the number of rolls required for material. Manually or programmable adjustment.
  • Feed rolls as required.
  • Slitting knives according to requirements. Manual or programmable adjustment.
  • Electric shear or rotary shear as required.
  • Programmable control. Various options.
  • Recoiling if required.

Maximum material width 1524mm wide.

Maximum material thickness 1.5mm mild steel.

Since coming into the Cidan family, together they have reached another milestone. Utilising components from Cidan, Forstner, nuIT Software and Thalmann Long Folders of Switzerland together they have created the BASE (Bending And Slitting Engine). The BASE is a fully automated bending system for roofing products up to 8.0m long. The system can automatically select the coil, slit it to width, cut to length, transfer it to the folding machine and then bend the piece to the programmed shoe and size and then transfer the finished part to be picked and packed.

Once we understand your requirements, we can provide a quote to suit your applications.