Adira PF Servo Hydraulic Press Brake

Adira PF Servo Hydraulic Press Brake

The Adira PF is a CNC servo-hydraulic Press Brake. Servo hydraulic systems work by abandoning the traditional central hydraulic tank, pump, plumbing and valves to control flow direction and pressure to both cylinders. Forget all that.

Instead, both left and right cylinders have a servo motor and pump. Servo motors have precise control of their velocity, acceleration and direction and each servo acts directly to each cylinder pump and effects the descent and ascent and force. This brings four benefits.

  • Increased speed and therefore reduced cycle time.
  • Less hydraulic components. So it is a simpler circuit.
  • Greater accuracy. Due to reduced variations in oil temperature.
  • Substantial reduction in energy consumption.

PF has five axes- Y1, Y2, X, R and Crowning ( Z1, Z2 is optional), with 630mm daylight and 400mm stroke, the PF is also extraordinarily versatile. You can use deep tooling, form deep channels and have room to remove complex jobs.

If you can’t bend it on an Adira PF, then it probably can’t be done.

Capacity 135T or 220T
Bending Length 3000mm or 4000mm
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