Adira PA Hexa-C Semi Hybrid CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Adira PA Hexa-C Semi Hybrid CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

The Adira PA Hexa C is a CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with a sturdy monoblock design, welded and then stabilized before machining. Unique to the Hexa C frame, the moving upper beam guides are isolated from the side frames. Therefore the moving beam itself is not affected by stress during pressing and thus always maintaining perfect vertical alignment of the tools. The Hexa C frame design is particularly beneficial when bending off centre.

Beam parallelism, stopping accuracy and repeatability is better than 0.01mm.

Adira PA also features the Greendrive hydraulic system. With Greenrive the rotation of the main motor is controlled according to the operation required. During approach and idling phase when the machine requires little force the motor is barely turning, during bending and return motor ramps back up to full speed. This variable control dramatically reduces power consumption.

The standard configuration for the PA Series Press Brake is five axes. Y1, Y2, X, R and CNC Crowning; however, with this model, there are many options available depending on operational requirements.

Standard equipment includes

– Two front support arms on linear rails.

– Footswitch Control integrated with Lasersafe system.

– Reversible manual, quick clamp punch-holders

– All hydraulic valves are monitored and duplicated for safety.

– Rear guards and side guards are monitored and duplicated for safety with electrical interlocks.

With a 500mm open height, 260mm stroke length and high-speed approach and return, the PA is not only accurate and safe, but it is also highly versatile.


Capacity 135T or 220T
Bending Length 3000mm or 4000mm
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