Jan 29

Ermaksan Laser

Ermaksan has raised the bar with their massive 18m x 3m x 6kW Fiber Laser with CNC Bevel Cutting.

Ermaksan has recently delivered a massive 18m x 3m x 6kW Fiber Laser with CNC bevel cutting for the cutting and of tapered light poles.

The Fibermak G Force Laser features a two-axis Precitec cutting head that can rotate +/- 45 degrees. This makes it possible to prepare the longitudinal edge for welding.

Featuring a cutting capacity of 25mm steel plate when square cutting or 15mm steel plate at 45 degrees and such an exceptional longitudinal travel, it was the perfect solution for the manufacture of tapered light poles.

A machine of such extraordinary cutting length required innovative solutions to ensure practical operation. This includes four internal HD cameras each activated when cutting is within their field of vision and transmitting to the external 25″ HD Monitors. The specially designed conveyor works only within the cutting area to reduce power consumption, and multiple suction cells open automatically depending on the position of the cutting head.

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